Curious Frog

What is Curious Frog? Or is it 'WHO is Curious Frog?' Either way, Curious Frog is me and I am a curious frog.

Curious Frog (at least in concept) started in 2004 when I was in Coventry, VT for what was to be Phish's last show. The idea to actually pursue a career in graphic design was still a year and a half away but I had always been artistic. While on the concert grounds, I was looking at all of the fan made band posters and band merch, and it occurred to me "I can do that!" It wasn't until the band I was in at the time needed merch, posters, a website and CD art did I actually look into schooling for design.

Fast forward to 2010: I received my BFA in Graphic Design with a concentration in Motion Graphic from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and was hired right out of school by a very well known and much beloved TV station here in NY as a broadcast designer. Less than a year later, I was asked to teach a junior level Motion Graphic course at SVA.

I'm always looking for new projects to tackle. Come back often as I will be uploading new material when I can. I hope you like what you see and I look forward to possibly working with you in the future.